Breaths of fresh air!

It's a great pleasure to share a few things that are rejuvinating breaths of very fresh air. These are game changers: new ways to fall in love with the essense of things all over again.

The new CSS tools are rejuvinating!

The fresh air in CSS is CSS Grid, flexbox, and all the new properties that provide tremendous leverage with layout.

  • Jen Simmons's Layout Land videos have been rejuvinating, insightful, and inspiring. Her Layout Land videos are information rich and motivating to action.
  • The New CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew is a jewel. So far this book:
    • Helped me understand the traditional layout tools like float and absolute/relative positioning better than ever.
    • Opens the door to CSS Grid and Flexbox with super quick, crystal clear examples.
    • Provide native CSS code that does the work of an 3rd party CSS framework in a dozen lines of CSS.
  • These additions to CSS help me feel completely rejuvinated. Thanks to these changes, I'm coming to CSS with a beginner's mind and a reinvigorated spirit! is fresh and inspiring! is a project hosting platform, browser based editor, code library, and helpful community. Their tagline is "Glitch is where you'll build the app of your dreams", and I believe it! The up-quickly approach takes one click to fork a project or create a new static web pages or node application.

If you haven't heard of or tried it, then take it for a joy ride right now.

As a web development instructor, I'm in love with the idea of obliterating barriers to learners and novices. Glitch completely obliterates the most common barriers and hastles to getting started with web development.

  • It's awesome that users are one click away from live collaborative help. #RaiseYourHand. Check that feature out!

  • One of the best parts about is all of the working code examples for popular and commonly useful APIs (google sheets, twilio, etc...). If you want a twitter bot, you remix the starter code, get your own API key, and get to coding!

  • Click for a deeper introduction

Breaths of fresh air!
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